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My name is Bernadett, I am a freelance web consultant. I help small businesses get online and build their social media portfolio. If you need a new website or overwhelmed by social media, wondering how to use it best for your business: you're in the right place. I can train you how to manage your own website or by doing it all for you and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. My clients range from various backgrounds and I love taking on new projects.

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What can I help you with...?

Web Design

I can design and set up your website that will look great on all devices. I can show you how you can manage your own content so no further involvement will be needed from designers or developers.

Social media

I can set up and manage branded social media accounts for your business. I can run Facebook and Google Adword campaigns and track your results to see how effecitve your digital marketing strategy is.


I can optimise your website to get it better ranked on search engines by a few simple tricks.

Mailing lists & Google Analytics

I can set up and manage mailing lists via MailChimp and provide you with valuable insights into your online audience with Google Analytics.

I listen .

I work in partnership with my clients and listen to their needs and priorities.

I care .

I follow my projects from start to finish and beyond because I am invested in their success.

I offer more than just design .

I understand the importance of user experience and can offer solutions not just pretty design.

I am affordable .

My prices are fair.

My recent projects

  • The CELTA Diaries

    Web Design

  • Foss Artist

    e-Commerce Website & Design

  • Palm-A-partment

    Web Design & Social Media Marketing

  • Paddy Anderson Flamenco

    Web Design & Events Calendar

  • Transform Personal Training

    Web design & Development + Social Media Marketing

  • Pilvax Online Magazine

    Web design & Development


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